Rebecca Price
graphic design

CNN Good News App

CNN Good News App

Conceptual Application Design

Millennials have a need for a different kind of news app; an app that makes you feel happy as you start your day, an app that doesn’t smother you with negativity and biased story-telling. Millennials need Good News. Good News is backed by the dependability of CNN's brand. Content will be provided by CNN every morning to create a newsfeed of 4-5 good stories.

I was apart of a team of three other designers who brought this idea to life. My main role in this team was working on surface design: main logo, illustrations, color palette, and typography. Good News was one out of 8 app concepts that were presented to CNN. They were pleased with our concept, execution, and design, and asked our team to present a second time.

‘Good News’ is bold not only in its concise, focused content, but also in it’s modern, bright visual design and navigational decisions.

Each morning, the user is greeted with a daily cover photo to brighten their day. Illustrations will change depending on the holiday or current events. Covers will always be colorful, simple line illustrations.

Future Heavy was chosen as the headline font because of it's strong, easy to read structure. I wanted the body type to reference newspapers and traditional printed media, which is why a serif was chosen. Museo Slab is a modern take on the serif font--without losing any readability.